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Semien Mountains Tour (Surface + Flight) – 8 days and 7 nights


Highlights of the Tour :  Ethiopia is a country where the topography is highly dominated by rugged and chain mountains. In some places rain has eroded the more recent rocks, exposing the original rocks, nowhere is this more prominent and stunning-than in Ethiopia’s northern Simien region.


An overland tour of the classical Historic circuit gives travelers another chance to admire and enjoy these breathtaking sceneries. Some of these drives would cross the trekkers’ Paradise, the Simien mountains National park.

The region includes many summits above 4,000 meters (13,000 feet), and culminates in the highest point in Ethiopia, Ras Dashen, which at 4,543 meters (14,901 feet), is also Africa’s fourth highest mountain. It is not a very difficult mountain to climb and can be reached by traveling through the Simians Mountains national Park.

The base from which to explore the small, 179 square kilometers (111-suqare mile) park is Debark, 830 kilometers (520miles) north-west of Addis Ababa and 90 Kilometers North of Gondar.

There are various campsites and tracks to follow and it is best to take the advice of the guides. The photography of this park will remain in the mind forever. Climbing up from Debark on mules, through extensive farmland, the visitor is unaware of the dramatic scenery about to unfold. The land forms various small plateaus, and the edge of these plunge dramatically to the lowlands to the north and east.

Generally the first stop is Snakaber camp, a trek that leads mainly through cultivated areas to the 3,239 meters (10,600 feet) campsite. From this point, visitors can walk to the edge the abyss, where they may get their first glimpse of the spectacular scenery. The easiest mammal to see in this area is the endemic gelada Baboon, which often be seen in family units.

Also named after this area, the Simien Fox, also referred to as the Simien jackal or Ethiopian wolf, is now very rare but is more common in Bale Mountain National Park in the south.

The animal most visitors wish to see is the Walia Ibex. This member of the wild goat family has magnificent heavily ridged horns sweeping back over the shoulder.

Geech, Chenek, Buait, Emet gog are also other camp sites for travelers exclusively taking trekking tour in the park either to arrive the highest peak of Ras Dashen or just return taking time in the park.

We encourage people to take this journey and witness how scenic, attractive, unique, Natural and undiscovered Ethiopia is. 


Day 1: Arrival and take flight to Gondar 

Arrival and take a flight to Gondar and drive from Gondar to Sankaber about 4 hours. This is the site that is termed as the most wild and spectacular of all Ethiopian landscapes-The Roof of Africa. Observe the magnificent scenery, birds and game like an endemic Gelada Baboon. On your way, visit Woleka that is the settlement for Felasha-Ethiopian Jews (Israelites).  O/N. Camping at Sankaber including all meals. 

Day 2: Trek from Sankaber to Geech(5 hours and 20 minutes)

Start trekking to Geech camp-3600masl. The trek passes through the last of the cultivated areas and then the true Afro-Alpine zone, where Giant lobelias stand like sentinels presiding over the unworldly landscape. You should see troops of Gelada baboon and birds include Rappel’s Griffons, Choughs and Lammergeyers. Organized camping overnight including all meals at Geech Camping site.

Day 3: Walk/Mule trek from Geech to Chenek (9 hours)

Walk/Mule trek from Geech camp to Chenek, one of the most beautiful sites in the mountains.A wonderful trekking day with excellent views and a chance of spotting an endemic Walia Ibex at KurbetMetaya, the nearby site of Chenek.Overnight camping at Chenek camp including all meals.

Day 4: Trek from Chenek to Ambikwo (8 hours)

Trek from Chenek to Ambikwo via Bouyet pass having an altitude of 4200masl.  This route is highly vegetated by an Endemic Giant Lobelia and has a chance to spot both Endemic Gelada Baboon and Walia Ibex. Overnight camping at Ambikwo camping site including all meals.


Day 5: Trek from Ambikwo to Ras Dashen Summit (10 hours and 40 minutes)

A dawn start from Ambikwo to the summit of RasDashen (4620 meters). Have a chance to spot birds like Sacred Ibises, Hooded Vulture and Red Billed Cliff Chat.  Have a memorable   picnic lunch at the tip of the mountain. Return to your camp at Ambiqwo for overnight including all meals.

Day 6: Trek back to Chenek (6 hours)

Trek back to Chenek.Overnight camping at Chenek camping site including all meals.

Day 7: Drive back to Gondar

Drive back to Gondar. En route admire the scenery of the road with chances of spotting mammals & birds. O/n Lal Hotel


Day 8: Fly from Gondar to Addis Ababa

Fly back to Addis Ababa. Have shopping time and some sightseeing in the city. After a complementary traditional dinner be transferred to airport for departure back home.


Off-Road Ethiopia Tour wishes you a pleasant stay!


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