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Historic And Omo.

Historic Route + Omo Valley Tour (SURFACE + FLIGHT) - 15 DAYS AND 14 NIGHTS

Highlights of the Tour:,  colorful markets, green jungle and Scenery, Villages, traditions and customs, Monastery, Ancient History, ruined palaces, monuments, churches, mural paintings, ……


DAY 1 : Arrival, Addis Ababa

Up on arrival be meet by the staff of Off-Road Ethiopia Tour. If arrival is day time proceed for city tour of Addis Ababa. Lunch break. Continue the city tour. O/n Dream Liner or Helzer Hotel.( B& D)


DAY 2 : Fly From Addis Ababa to Bahir Dar

After breakfast take an hour flight in the morning to the city of Bahir Dar, presently acting as the capital for the Amhara people. Bahir Dar is set by the side of Lake Tana at an altitude of 1,830m. Above seas level. Up on arrival head for boat trip on lake Tana, the biggest Lake in Ethiopia to visit the island monastery of Ura Kidanemheret, which is the most colorful from the nearest available. After lunch break head to the breath-taking Blue Nile falls. (B & D). O/n Home land Hotel or Abay Minch Lode 


DAY 3 : Drive from Bahir Dar to Gondar

After early breakfast head to Gondar. En route take a de-tour to the village of Awramba, known for adapting a unique culture of work that is based on capacity but not sex & communal way of life. Take time in the village and continue driving to Gondar. Up on arrival have lunch break and then continue to explore the 16th-17th century Castle compound and the bathing pool of King Fasilades constructed by King Fasilades and his successors. Also visit to the basket market of Gondar. Florida International or Taye Hotel ( B& D).


DAY 4 : Drive from Gondar to Semien Mountains

Early in the morning drive from Gondar to Simien Mountains and en route visit to the Ethiopian Jews village at Weleka admire the scenic beauty of the road. Up on arrival in Sankaber, the head quarter, visit the colony of Gelada Baboon and also admire the breathtaking scenery of the surrounding. Simien Lodge (B & D).


DAY 5 : Drive from Semien National Park to Lalibela

Drive from Simien Mountains to Lalibela via the Debre-Tabor road. En route visit to the Awramba people village and admire the most scenic part of the country that hosts chains of mountains. O/n Tukul village or Mountain View Hotel (B & D)


DAY 6 : Lalibela

After breakfast proceed to visit the first group of rock-hewn churches, which are 6 in number represent the earthly Jerusalem. Then after lunch continues to visit the remaining second group of churches which are 5 in number again and represent heavenly Jerusalem. And later conclude the visit by covering the third group of church, which is the cross-shaped and highlight of the Lalibela churches, St. George.  O/n Village Tukul or Mountain View Hotel (B & D)


DAY 7 : Fly from Lalibela to Addis Ababa

Take the morning flight back to Addis Ababa. Have city tour of Addis Ababa and shopping time. O/n Dream Liner or Helzer Hotel.( B& D)


DAY 8 : Drive from Addis Ababa to Arba Minch

After breakfast drive to Arba Minch via the Hosanna Road. En route visit to the Gurage people village. The Gurage are known to be Ethiopian-Chinese as they are very hard working people who have controlled many of the economy in Trade. They have a custom of eating a traditional food called “Kocho” made out of false banana. Take time at the house and their back yard farm and learn from their culture. There is a lunch break at the town of Hosana. Overnight Swayne’s hotel or Paradise Lodge(B & D)


DAY 9 : Drive from Arbaminch to Murulle then to Turmi

After an early breakfast in the hotel head to Turmi and then proceed driving to Murulle, a settlement for the Karo people famous for their unique body decorating culture. En route have a picnic lunch. Start sightseeing in the village and back to Turmi. O/n Buska or Turmi Lodge (B & D)


DAY 10 : Drive to Dimeka and back to Turmi 

In the morning have a breakfast and then proceed to visit the typical Hamer villages in the twon of Turmi. Later drive to Dimeka. The day falls on Saturday and there will be a colorful weekly market in Dimeka where one can have the chance to see the Hamer people in their life of transaction. Then back to Turmi for Overnight. O/n Buska or Turmi Lodge (B & D)


DAY 11 : Drive from Turmi to Jinka 

Drive from Turmi to Jinka via Dimeka. In the afternoon visit the Ari villages, their neat compounds, fertile and scenic surrounds. Overnight Orit or Jinka resort Hotel (B & D)


DAY 12 : Drive to Mursi and back to Jinka 

After an early breakfast in the hotel have a day excursion to the settlement of the Mursi people known for their lip plating, body decorating and stick fighting culture. Take time by having picture and personal contact with the people and back to Jinka. There is a picnic lunch en route. Overnight Orit or Jinka resort Hotel  (B & D)


DAY 13 : Drive from Jinka to Konso 

Drive to Konso. En route visit the weekly small colorful market of Key Afer to see the Bena and Tsemay tribes and proceed driving to Konso. The Konso with 9 different clans have a tradition of nominating their own King who has got his own Place to live and also servants to work for. He is a symbol of peace and integrity among the Konso with unique dynastical line going on for many hundreds of years. The Konso have a clean, well, built and protected villages with each village having a communal house of living called “Mora” where young boys spend the night protecting the village. They have also a tradition of age initiation for boys to advance from child hood to adult hood.  The Konso are very much known for having a wooden made grave sign called “Waka”. Take time of picture and visit in the village. O/n Kenta Lodge (B & D)


DAY 14 : Drive from Konso to Awassa 

Drive from Konso to Awassa, the newly bustling city which is the capital for the southern nations region. En route visit the hot spring at Wendo genet. Up on arrival in the city have a walk by the side of Lake Awassa, the smallest Rift Valley lake to admire the variety of bird species. O/n Lewi or Haile Resort.


DAY 15 : Drive from Awassa  to Addis Ababa 

Drive back to Addis Ababa visiting the fish market of Awassa. Also visit the Rastafarians village which is located in Shashemene.  Also visit to the shallowest rift valley lake of Zeway. In the evening have a complementary traditional dinner with live cultural dancing show & transfer to the Airport for departure back home.


Off-Road Ethiopia Tour wishes you a pleasant stay!


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