The Celebration of Sheikh Hussein - 14 days and 13 nights - (Surface)

Sheikh Hussein is a town in south-eastern Ethiopia. Located in the Bale zone of the oromia region. The town is named after what, in some Ethiopian Muslim eyes, is the most sacred place in that country: the tomb of the thirteenth century Sheikh Hussein, who introduced Islam to the Sidamo people living in the area at the time, and is said to have performed many miracles.

Easter Festival + Historical Route Tour (Surface + Flight) - 13 days and 12 nights

Highlights of the Tour: Easter marks a very important interest and enthusiasm among the Christian community in Ethiopia being the last major religious festival. Believers of the Ethiopian Orthodox church await its arrival with great eager passing through a long lent period of 55 days where no animal product of meat, milk or egg shall not be consumed during this period.

Meskel festival tour with the Historic Route - 8 days and 7 nights -(Surface + flight)

Highlights of the Tour: Monastery, ruined Bridges, Gorgeous gorges, National Parks, Wild animals, Birds, Crater lakes, Ancient History, ruined palaces, monuments, churches, stele, castles, mural paintings, Lakes and falls, Villages, Great sceneries, traditions and customs.

Meskel Festival + Historic Tour - 6 days and 5 nights - (Surface + Flight)

Highlights of the Tour: Religion and culture is quite interwoven in the present Ethiopia. This can be witnessed by the values and norms of the people’s life. Christianity was first introduced in Ethiopia by the Ethiopian eunuch who meets Philip on the road to Gaza as in the book of Acts 8:27.

Ethiopian Christmas, Timket Festival and Historic Route Tour (Surface + Flight) - 15 days and 14 nights

Festivals in Ethiopia are very colorful, very traditional and very authentic in their nature. The centers of most or all of the major festivals are religious oriented but they are attractive to outside people as they are uniquely reflected in a traditional way. Most of these festivals are also practiced in its own different way from places to place given the fact that Ethiopia is a multi-cultural center.




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