Why Travel To Ethiopia

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For many it is unusual experience to make travel to the continent of Africa as the countries are very diverse and colorful but traveling to Ethiopia is unique and gives travelers a taste of Africa. It is a country where one can have natural, cultural and historical beauties all together.


In terms of nature, Ethiopia is a home to more than 107 species of mammals and 826 species of birds. Also the contrasting geographical attraction of the RasDashen Mountain located in the Semien Mountain National park is a driving lust for trekkers with the lowest point on earth below seas lever, the Denakil depression which is also attracts huge number of adventure travelers that admire desert expeditions and active volcanic eruptions.

Ethiopia is termed to be mosaic of cultures as it harbors more than 85 tribes living harmoniously in its territory speaking 85 of their language and more than 100 dialects. Of these, the Omo Valley tribes in the southern part of the country are the highlights for travelers as they compromise the lip-plating Mursi people, body decorating Karo, bull jumping Hamer and much more to exhaust the list.

The specialty of Ethiopia in the continent is its rich historical treasures which are well attested by the archaeological findings in the rift valley system that dates more than 6 million years old. These archeological excavations gave Ethiopia the name “The Cradle of man kind” in the world. The country was one of the great civilizations know during its famous Axumite kingdom and its great kings who had been trading with the then kingdoms of Persia, Roman Empire and other ancient civilizations more than three thousand years back. The rock-hewn churches of Tigray and Lalibela which were built before one thousand to eight hundred years back are still active religious shrines and points of attractions. The medieval castle complex of Gondar, the monasteries of Lake Tana and walled city of Harer are just few of the historical relics that the country could excel to register as world heritages by UNESCO.




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