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    Off-Road Ethiopia has been established by tourism professional that has immense and long years of experience in providing excellent & reliable ground tour services. As a cultural and natural specialist we take you deep in to the social and economic practice of tribes and their ways of life. Real marriage, funeral, food processing and preparing, social gatherings, housekeeping and other daily activities of the local people can tangible be experienced with our tours.

  • Axum St. Mary (HidarTsion Mariam)

    The Ethiopian Orthodox cburch is credited for dedicating each day of the month to its 40 and nmore saints and Angels and of these some of them are colorfully celebrated once in a year. The vigin Mary being an important figue in the belief of the followers, its day is colorfully celebrated annually in the sacred city of Axum, where the original Ark of the covenant is believed to be.

    The days of the celebration vary but for this year of 2016 it will be falling on 30 November. 

  • The Celebration of Sheikh Hussein

    The Celebration of Sheikh Hussein - 14 days and 13 nights - (Surface)

    Sheikh Hussein is a town in south-eastern Ethiopia. Located in the Bale zone of the oromia region. The town is named after what, in some Ethiopian Muslim eyes, is the most sacred place in that country: the tomb of the thirteenth century Sheikh Hussein, who introduced Islam to the Sidamo people living in the area at the time, and is said to have performed many miracles.




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