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For many tourists in the developed nation, the impression of holiday time in Ethiopia is adventurous,active, overland and with some sort of activity devoid of comfort and safety. But this is just an impression but not the reality in the present scenario.

 The past 20 years has been the heydays of Ethiopia in terms of achieving a tangible economical development that reached a maximum basic infrastructure set up and this paves the way for those travelers choosing less time consuming and very comfortable way of life.

Addis Ababa is blessed with reasonable number of 5 star and luxury collection properties that guarantee
safety, comfort and security to the high class tourism looking luxury travelers. Among these the Sheraton Addis, the Hilton International, Intercontinental and Radisson Blue are few to mention setting aside the other privately run hotels which are in their 4 and 3star category but render an amazing service with wide range of amenities.

Also the fastest growth of the overall country side and specially the tourist destinations of the country, have brought a remarkable increase I both the number and quality of accommodations in these places. Most of the cities and town that attract tourist interest are endowed with magnificent lodges that reflect the life of the localities or have modern hotels, resorts and other facilities that would give a luxury traveler a sense of completeness in the holiday & a life time memory.

An astonishing number of quality vehicles of different type such as 4x4, Mini Bus and Buses are now available for those looking for best mode of transportation systems. Also people with scares time but willing to cover the highlights of Ethiopian attraction sites, there will be a possibility of hiring a chartered flight either from the renowned carrier in Africa, Ethiopian airlines or private companies.

Above all Ethiopia is a very safe country to make a holiday for any one with high and international profile and this can be witnessed by the fact that African leaders make their appointment for meeting in their annual head of government assembly at the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa.

You can check some of our proposed luxury tour packages which can either be longer or shorter based on the interest and allocated time one has to spend.

Interested in visiting luxurious Ethiopia ? Please check available tour packages

Luxury tour to the Natural & Historical route - 12 days and 11 nights

Luxury tour to the Natural & Historical route - 9 days and 8 nights 





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