one of the best historical attraction of ethiopia

For most visitors to Ethiopia, the highlight of the northern circuit is the medieval capital of Lalibela, where high in the chilly mountains of Wollo stands a complex of a dozen rock-hewn churches often and justifiably ranked as the eighth wonder of the ancient world.


The churches stand today as an inspirational and active shrine to a Christian civilization that predates its northern European equivalent by centuries.

The rock hewn churches of Lalibela built in the early 12th century by one of its renowned king, Lalibela are still places of worship by its followers. The place is highly crowded during the colorful festivals of Ethiopian X-mass normally falling on January 7 and also Timket, epiphany falling around 18th-20th January.

In a short time schedule it takes one full day to explore the 11 complex of churches which are grouped in to three but for people having more time spending two nights is wise to explore the churches in detail and also include the surrounding churches.


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