one of the best historical attraction of ethiopia

The other historical destination set apart to the east of the country is the walled city of Harer, well known for its Islamic learning and scholarship, as well as its handicraft, including weaving, basket-making, and book-binding.


A bright splash of color is provided by the Harari women strolling through town, often dressed in red, purple, or black dresses with velvet trousers and bright orange shawls.

Places of interest inside the walled city of Harer include

  • The impressive centuries-old walls themselves, which had five gates until 1889, when Emperor Menelik II built two more.
  • Also of interest is RasMakonnen’s (father of the last king of Ethiopia) stately old palace
  • The Jami mosque, which dates back to the 17th century among the other 89 mosques.
  • The colorful Adere house
  • The museum of Harer
  • Near by the mosque is a house believed to be a residence for the famous French poet Arthur Rimbaud.

Also the colorful Christian and Muslim markets are places of interest to spend time.




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