one of the best historical attraction of ethiopia

Gondar is located to the north of Lake Tana, which is regarded as a popular second stop on the historic circuit. It has served as Ethiopia’s capital for almost 300 years from 1635 on wards, and is today noted for its impressive 17th century castles as well as the beautiful decorated church of DebreBirhan Selassie.

To the North of Gondar, traditionally the preserve of hardened trekkers and hikers, lie the staggeringly scenic Simien Mountain National Park, home to the country’s main concentrations of the endemic Gelada Baboon and Walia Ibex. Following the recent construction of a rough road in to the Simien Mountains, this lovely range forms a feasible day or overnight trip out of Gondar. In 7Kms drive from Gondar, one of the most visited village of Woleka, where one can see the descending Ethiopian Jewish literally called Felasha and their pottery works can be arranged.


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